Elevate your Image at Exhibitions

Get a competitive and dynamic presence at all exhibitions with Multiplo Portable Systems.

Display Systems for Exhibitions

At Multiplo, we fully understand your need for a dynamic and competitive presence in exhibitions and conferences, that’s why we created the most innovative system that will meet all your needs for your participations in in Greece or abroad.

Multiplo systems are the ideal solution for you who want to combine modern design with innovative technology and get a system to meet different needs. Their practicality combined with their aesthetics creates a unique result that will enhance your visibility and set you apart from the competition.

Discover our wide range of products from entire Exhibition Stands and Promotional Booths to individual elements that will elevate your image, such as LED Backdrops, Banners, Lightboxes, Promo Stands, Cubes and Pillars.

Portable Exhibition Stands

Multiplo exhibition stands create a unique visual experience and help you to strengthen your presence at any kind of exhibition or conference.

The exhibition stand consists of detachable pieces, with which we can create different designs and sizes of stands depending on the available space.

Ideal for all of you who take part in more than two exhibitions per year and want each time to use and adapt the same system in different places covering the same or new communication needs.

  • Reusable
  • Expandable
  • Easy Transport in Wheeled Bags
  • Easy Printings Change

Display Systems for Exhibition Stands

With Multiplo Display Systems, you can stand out at every exhibition you take part in with just a few elements that will enhance your visibility.

Choose among a wide range of Multiplo products, such as LED banners, backdrops, ceiling suspension systems, volumes and counter stands. With Multiplo LED Display Systems, you can completely transform your exhibition stand and stand out from the competition with just a few extra elements.

  • Easy Printings Change
  • Portable & Reusable
  • Easy Assembly with no Tools
  • Easy Transport
led volumes, promostands
εκθεσιακα καπελα

Ceiling Suspension Systems

Multiplo suspension systems consist of a very lightweight aluminium profile construction with digital fabric printing and LED lighting making them ideal for enhancing your visibility in places with high traffic.

They are designed in order to be resized and change printings so that they can be easily reused and adapted to different spaces and support new communication activities every time.

  • Lightweight Aluminum Profile Construction
  • Easy Assembly
  • LED Lighting

The Ultimate Visual Communication System for Exhibitions and Conferences

We are here to meet all your visual communication needs!