About Us

Multiplo is a product of EVIN Intzoglou.
EVIN Intzoglou has been established in 1989 specializing in visual communication products.
We have the fullest range of Stands & Displays available for Below The Line promotional activities. Our range includes ready to sell models, while for special needs there is the possibility of special construction. The company also has a modern, large-format printing department.
In our vertical production unit, which includes design, production and assembling, we develop products that match every need and meet the highest requirements for modern aesthetics and ultimate functionality.

About Multiplo

Over the past 5 years, our company has been building the innovative “Multiplo” visual communication system. A visual communication system that meets every communicational need, from P.O.S. display to an entire exhibition stand. Ideal for events, visual merchandising or wherever there is a need for signage or decoration. It highlights high-quality images and strengthens your communication needs. The products are available illuminated or not.

Natural Anodized Aluminum Profiles

Frame of construction from 10 different aluminum profiles depending on the use. Very durable, extandable, repairable. It can be painted in any RAL colour or nickel.


Digital UV printing on a waterproof, elastic, flame-retardant fabric, with silicone tape sewn around the perimeter. Very easy to replace without tools or trained personnel.

LED Lighting

Intense and homogeneous lighting that highlights prints. Low power consumption, long life. Dimmable.

Carrying Suitcase or Carton Box